Xpdf Fuzzing

This blog post explores my first experience with AFL (american fuzzy lop). I targeted Xpdf, a PDF viewer for Linux distributions. This post is mostly designed to document my trial and error approach to optimizing the fuzzing process...

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Halo Hacking

This blog post will demonstrate how to go about reverse engineering structures and functions of interest in a binary. Once this has been accomplished, I will show how to modify the program at runtime to alter the program flow in...

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CVE-2014-0301 Analysis

This blog post will demonstrate how to trigger a vulnerability with only the public information available provided by the vendor during a security patch release cycle. For this analysis, I will be using CVE-2014-0301 that was patched in Read More

DarunGrim with Symbols

DarunGrim is a patch diffing utility written by Matt Oh. It uses IDA Pro and a few open source python libraries to perform patch diffs. At the time of this writing, DarunGrim 3.12 Beta is the most recent...

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